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What I’m currently working on

Supermarket duck dash crazy taxi style game in a grocery store


SuperMarket Duck Dash

Inspired by arcade classics like Crazy Taxi, except in a supermarket and with a duck that has to help the old people to do their shopping using only his wings!

SuperMarket Duck Dash is a fun physics based 3D game!

3 Game Modes, 125+ Products, A Duck, Old People + 3 Quack Sounds!

Download for PC Windows / Linux Now on itch.io


Games In Development

What I’m currently working on


Lara Sausage

I’m currently developing a small 3D action-adventure game based in a world of talking and walking food.
Influenced by Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones.



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Old Games & Demos

Older games, demos or unfinished games from my past.

Cerys the cat 3d platformer game influenced by sonic 3d


Cerys The Cat

PC Game (Windows/Linux)

This was a small game I started developing in 2021, but never finished.
I was never completely happy with the movement or level design.

I released the unfinished version which has 3 playable levels on Itch. (PC Win & Linux):

Play Cerys the Cat on Itch.io

netball game for android etball mobile phone game


Netball Shots 2

Mobile Game (Android)

A small Netball shooting game for Android mobile phones. 
This was the sequel to a small game I made years before and achieved 10,000+ downloads.

Download Netball Shots 2 from Google Play

unwise old man sayings app


UnWise Old Man Sayings

Mobile Game (Android)

A small (and silly) app that displays useless and sometimes funny advice, every time you click on the old man.
A mobile app for Android mobile phones

Download from Google Play