After releasing Supermarket Duck Dash (I’m trying to get it on to Steam through a Kickstarter campaign), I’ve turned my attention to Lara Sausage.

It’s been an eye-opening exprience playing the game after not working on it for two months, and I wasn’t happy with the levels and some of the movement of Lara Sausage, herself.  Therefore, I’ve decided to restart the project and have found a tool to create levels that will better suit the game.  I’ll be using TrenchBroom, which is a level editor for Quake, it’s an old game, but more or less the original Tomb Raider games were made with something similar.  Also, it’s a very fun tool to use!

Lara Sausage game logo

Lara Sausage will be a 3D action adventure game set in a world of talking food.  The game is a parody of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones.  I’ll also be creating some puppets of the character for videos for the game and promotion.


I’ve restarted work on the first level, Fry Village.

Lara Sausage Development Version level 1 Fry Village a tomb raider parody and fan game


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