I’ve made good progress since the last post.  The first level is more or less finished; I only have to make things look a little better, add some more NPCs and maybe some secret areas.

Lara Sausage Level 1 Dev Log

The level includes some climbing, wooden bridges, the village of the Fries and some secret areas and collectables.

In the level, Lara Sausage has to find the Fry People and their village so get permission from the Queen Fry to enter the cave, which is the next level.

Lara Sausage Dev Log Level 1 Fry Queen

I’ve also added the new first enemy to Lara Sausage – the Broccolents! The Broccolents are slow easy creatures that will follow Lara Sausage (sometimes off a cliff to their doom) and try to headbutt her.

Lara Sausage not a Tomb Raider fan game but a fun 3d parody of indiana jones and tomb raider


The pause menu is back, which will show the part of the story, the level objectives and which artefacts Lara Sausage has collected.

Lara Sausage a tomb raider parody game and fan game Lara Sausage Devlog Level 1


I’ve also added a basic menu for choosing a level and when Lara Sausage completes a level. I’ll leave the aesthetics for another time.

Lara Sausage Devlog Level 1


Thanks for reading.  You can get more regular and smaller updates via my Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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