This week in the Development of Lara Sausage

I’ve finished the basic structure to the first level, which is meant more of a fun training level.  I’ll eventually add little objects and things to play about with. The turning platforms were a bit of a hassle to program, but I’m happy how they turned out.

I’ve also added the collectables in Lara Sausage in the form of Ketchup sachets, which will be found on every level.  I also intend to add special artefacts, such as ancient spoons, bowls and forks that need to be found.

I’ve started to work on the second level, which will take place in a cave.

I’ve added a journal to the pause menu, which will show a bit more story to each level, and hopefully will show the collection of artefacts that have been found.

Finally, I’ve added a basic level select screen.

The idea is that this game will be story-driven, with funny videos about Lara Sausage and her quest…


Video 1 – The beginning of the training level assault course


Video 2 – Collecting the Ketchup Sachets


Video 3 – The turning logs in the assault course


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