While developing my main action-adventure game, I’ll also be making some small mobile games for Android devices.  These will be a mixture of sequels to previous games I made years ago that I want to improve, or some new ideas that I want to experiment with.  
Hopefully, the development cycle of these small games will only be short, and will help me try new idea and also help me to take a break from the main game occasionally.

netball shots 2 game

The first game that I’m making is Netball Shots 2.
This is a sequel to a netball mobile game I made about 7 years ago, where the player has to try and score as many goals as they can, by swiping their finger to shoot.

I wasn’t happy with how the swiping-shooting mechanic turned out, as the end result seemed a little too difficult and inconsistent for most players.

The main game is almost complete, and I’m happy with how the swiping works on a mobile phone.

Other improvements that I’m hoping for include; more teams, local multiplayer and maybe some more courts/environments to play.

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