Supermarket Duck Dash is now in a state that I think it’s time to make the game fully available to the public.

Currently, it is available on to download for Windows and Linux.

Containing 3 different game modes (Arcade, Speed Dash and Destruction), high scores, over 125 different products, old people, and 3 different quack sounds, I think that this game is in a perfectly playable state!



Supermarket Duck Dash has taken me longer than I expected due to moving house during development, but I’m very happy with the result of this fun little 3D arcade game.

I’ve set a low price for this game which I think is very fair for the amount of work that has gone into it and for the fact it’s quite fun and replayable.

I’ll continue to fix bugs and add extras to the game, such as decorations, improve the menu graphics, etc. 

Download it from now

Arcade Mode


Destruction Mode



Supermarket Duck Dash – Available Now!

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