Yep! Supermarket Duck Dash is now playable, although this is a beta version, which means that it’s still in development and not finished, with the idea to get feedback and have the game tested. 

I’ve uploaded it to, where you can download it. 
I’ll continue to upload updated versions to itch until Supermarket Duck Dash is officially released.

The development versions will be available on a donation basis, ie. you can download it and choose to make a donation or not.

I have done this as I’d like as many people downloading it as possible to get as much constructive feedback as possible in order to improve the game before the final release.


A little info about Supermarket Duck Dash

Supermarket Duck Dash is a physics based 3D game where you control a duck who has to do the shopping for various old people.  However, the duck only has its wings to try and get products from the shelf and into the shopping cart, which is bound to cause a mess in the supermarket! How much money can you make before you run out of time?

With influences such as Crazy Taxi and personal thoughts of how would a duck go shopping, this game is sure to leave you wanting to grab a high score and fulfil the childhood fantasy of wanting to cause mayhem in a supermarket.


How to Play

To play, first you have to go to the supermarket door (highlighted in green) to get a shopping list from an old person, then you have to find those items in the supermarket and go and pay, and then deliver them to the old person who will still be waiting at the entrance.

You get extra time for every product from the shopping list that you successfully buy. The game ends when the time is up.


Again this is the first public beta release of the game, meaning that this game is still in development, so there are still lots of little things to add (more products, decoration on the walls, sound effects), but, I’d appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks



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