Yes, I’ve finally finished my little duck game, Supermarket Duck Dash and it feels quacktastic!

My last day of development was spent looking at my list of possible extras that I could add to the game and deciding when was enough.

In this final version, I’ve added some funny customer/staff announcements that play over the tannoy every so often in the game, added some duck sounds for when the player gets or doesn’t get a high score, improved the icon for the game .EXE and fixed and tweaked a few more things.

My original idea was for a game similar to Crazy Taxi, but set in a low-poly supermarket and with an animal.  I then decided on a duck, because I like ducks and also the idea of a duck trying to use its wings to knock products off a shelf seemed quite funny.  The game took longer than I expected, but mainly due to a house move in the middle of development. 

Check out the trailer that I made for Supermarket Duck Dash


Supermarket Duck Dash is currently available on for PC (Windows/Linux) and you can download it here.


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